My Starting Point

I met with my accountability partner today, in fact she just left. She has been an inspiration to me for a long time, as she is working on her own weight and fitness goals. I am very excited, and I know this is going to be great. Great for both of us. I have decided on some challenging but attainable goals, and we talked about expectations from both sides. I love just sitting and chatting with her.

Accountability is something I greatly need. Especially, when it comes to food. I LOVE to eat, my favorite foods being carbs. Pasta, potatoes, bread, I love it all! When it comes to weight loss, food is always my biggest obsticle. This time though, it feels different. I am finally realizing I am not 20 years old with the metabolism to go with it. As much as I might try to deny it, I am getting older.

I want to start seeing food for what it is. It is the fuel that makes my body go. That doesn’t mean I have to eat bland food, or nothing but chicken and broccoli. I just need to learn to be mindful of what I feed this temple that is my body. My body is the Lord’s temple. I’m sure Pepsi and cookies is not what He had in mind for it. We will be working on a food log, so I can see what I am really eating. This is going to be a challenge, but one I am determined to beat!

The other thing we did was take measurments. That part was not so fun. It is always scary to see those numbers in print. I did not like what I saw, but now I have a starting point. You need to know where you started, so you can see how far you have come. These numbers to not define me, do not make me the paerson I am or want to be. They are simply a starting point.

I am very excited to start this part of me journey, and also to keep you all posted. I am going to CRUSH it!



P.S. I also got on the scale, and that wasn’t fun either. Again, it is a starting point and does not define me! Now I just need to keep repeating that…


One thought on “My Starting Point

  1. Sounds like you are off to a GREAT start and have really thought things out with an accountability partner, this blog, and making small yet consistent changes to make them become a permanent part of your life. Woo-Hoo! Love your mantra, too!

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