Ugh, I don’t feel so good

So, I have to come clean. I know my accountability partner is going to kill me, but I had fast food today. Not once, but twice. Today was a day I just didn’t care. I wanted something quick and easy while I was out running around. No excuse, I was a bad girl today. What’s even worse, it didn’t even taste all that good. So not worth it. I feel better getting that out, now time to pull my self back up and start fresh.

Not much else to say today, just needed to confess. I am working on some things to talk about tomorrow, so see you then!





2 thoughts on “Ugh, I don’t feel so good

  1. I HATE it when my body reminds me of the things that aren’t good for me, even though my brain tells me “These fries are awesome!”. I find that even though my brain is lying to me, every other part is trying to scream “Gross! Don’t put that in your mouth! Do you know where that’s been?” at me. Like the dirty oil taste on my tongue and the pungent aroma in my nose… unfortunately, it usually leads to an unfriendly battle of the bowel a little while later, because of course, I didn’t listen. Girls… we’re complicated.

  2. I agree witg you mybrokenhallelujah!
    Every time I eat something I know is not good for me I pay for it later. And Erika, we all slip sometimes, it all cones down to what do you do next, give up or start again. Then one day you find that even if you do go to fast food, what you get is a better choice than before.

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