I’m Back!!

Hello all! I know I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks, but I am ready to dive back in. I was going through a “I don’t really care much” phase. I guess that is bound to happen, but time to get back up. I am ready to start anew, get back on the ball. I find I do much better when I come here to put down my thoughts and actions. Knowing someone is going to read that I ate too much pizza, or didn’t workout all week makes me want to do it. I give you guys permission to tell me to get with it! As I have said before, this is about accountability for me.

I talked with my accountability partner this morning. It has been a little while since we talked about my plans and if I have been logging my eating. I used it as an excuse to not do what I was supposed to be doing. That was the wrong attitude! We talked about some ideas for “consequences” for when I don’t log my food. So far we have come up with a cash amount for each day I don’t log food. This money would go into an envelope for when I need new clothes ( a smaller size of course). We also thought about some sort of physical activity, something that I hate doing. I have seen a couple of motivational ideas on Pinterest too (I LOVE Pinterest). If any of you have some ideas, I would love to hear them.

Another thing I haven’t been sticking with is my workout plan. It is time to put down the excuses and do it. I have to remember how good I feel afterwards. There really is no reason I can’t fit in at least 30 minutes a day. I have a gym membership and a bunch a videos for home. I just always manage to find a way to get out of it. I would love a workout partner, but everyone has such different schedules and other things going on. I think I might start putting the time in my daily calendar. If I see it in writing, on my to do list, maybe I will stick to it. It always feels good to check things off on the to do list.

Well, I think that is it for now, just wanted to say a quick hi to get back in the swing. I will see you all tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “I’m Back!!

  1. Get with it! 😉 Here’s a really good article a friend posted on FB today about the psychology of why we want one thing but can’t successfully gain it. It’s really a great list of things to assess to see where those issues might lie… might be a nice motivator. And Vaugn – you can read it too, you might find something useful as her motivational drill sergeant! Now, let’s get with it! ❤

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