When the hubby is away…..

The house is very quiet with just me and the bugboo. The little guy is passed out on the couch right now, after bouncing off the walls for most of the day. We have been up since 4 AM (his choice, not mine), and I have been trying to get some stuff done around the house. We are having my husband’s team over for a potluck this weekend, and he is gone for the next few days. The deal is, I do the inside and he does the outside. Works out pretty well.

One thing I am struggling with is the urge to go to the store and get some junk food. It would be so easy to hide, Michael won’t tell as long as I share with him. I could hide the evidence before the hubby got home.My mind was full of all kinds of ideas that sounded SO YUMMY.

Then I stopped for a minute and thought about the goals that I have set for myself. While the yummy foods would taste so good for a few minutes, they would not get me closer to my goals. If anything, they would be a set back. Not to mention the miserable, stuffed feeling and guilt. So I made some turkey and pasta with spaghetti sauce, which is also very yummy and satisfying.

So, now I rest and get ready for tomorrow. On the agenda is the gym and the movies after preschool. It is going to be fun.




Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

Anybody remember that song from Buster Poindexter? I’m hot, you’re hot, he’s hot, she’s hot….anyway. I have had that in my head the last couple of days. Every time I get in the car I say hot hot hot! Now my son is doing it!

Today was a pretty buys day. I help my husband with some admin work and visiting clients. I went to see a couple of them today. I have just recently started this, and sometimes I get nervous for some reason. When I went with him, he took the lead and I could just stand back. Now that I am going alone, I have no safety net. Everyone has been really nice, I am just waiting to visit an account for the first time and get an ear full. Anyone who knows me well at all knows I don’t handle confrontation well. I will avoid it at any cost! Maybe this is God’s way of pushing me out of my comfort zone.

After doing that I went to the gym, yeah two days in a row. My son goes to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few hours, so I thought I would use the time wisely. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back 🙂 After I picked him up we came home and I had some computer work to do. Not a whole lot of down time this afternoon, so that was good.

Soon it will be time for dinner, yummy steaks. At first I wanted tacos from this little place we found, but my husband stepped up. He asked “Are you sure you want those tacos with what you are working on?” Darn him! I thought for second, and he was right. I also didn’t want to have to explain that entry on my food log. Steak and salad will be great! Why ruin a great workout with some not so good for me food? Another small step.

Tomorrow is another day to work on my goals! Hubby will be out of town for a few days, so I will have to find ways to entertain myself!


Love you all,


Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper cut!!

All I can say right now is wow! I went to a kickboxing class at the gym tonight for the first time in quite a while. It is probably my favorite form of cardio, I even taught a class for a while (about 12 years ago, man I feel old). It was a great workout, and very motivating. I could not go full intensity for all of it, but I gave it my all. I burned a lot of calories and was soaked when I left the class. It felt so good to accomplish  it, and it is a great way to get rid of any aggression. I am looking forward to the boxing class when we get to hit the bags. I LOVE that part!!

The day was pretty productive too. I got laundry done and cleaned out the pantry. I am trying to think of one organizing thing I can do each day. It feels really good to finish it, and it make me feel uncluttered. I journaled all my eating, which really made me stop and think about what I was eating.

All in all, a pretty darn good day. Uneventful, but nice. Tomorrow I have more to do! I can feel those pounds wanting to fall off!





My Starting Point

I met with my accountability partner today, in fact she just left. She has been an inspiration to me for a long time, as she is working on her own weight and fitness goals. I am very excited, and I know this is going to be great. Great for both of us. I have decided on some challenging but attainable goals, and we talked about expectations from both sides. I love just sitting and chatting with her.

Accountability is something I greatly need. Especially, when it comes to food. I LOVE to eat, my favorite foods being carbs. Pasta, potatoes, bread, I love it all! When it comes to weight loss, food is always my biggest obsticle. This time though, it feels different. I am finally realizing I am not 20 years old with the metabolism to go with it. As much as I might try to deny it, I am getting older.

I want to start seeing food for what it is. It is the fuel that makes my body go. That doesn’t mean I have to eat bland food, or nothing but chicken and broccoli. I just need to learn to be mindful of what I feed this temple that is my body. My body is the Lord’s temple. I’m sure Pepsi and cookies is not what He had in mind for it. We will be working on a food log, so I can see what I am really eating. This is going to be a challenge, but one I am determined to beat!

The other thing we did was take measurments. That part was not so fun. It is always scary to see those numbers in print. I did not like what I saw, but now I have a starting point. You need to know where you started, so you can see how far you have come. These numbers to not define me, do not make me the paerson I am or want to be. They are simply a starting point.

I am very excited to start this part of me journey, and also to keep you all posted. I am going to CRUSH it!



P.S. I also got on the scale, and that wasn’t fun either. Again, it is a starting point and does not define me! Now I just need to keep repeating that…

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The Viscious Cycle…

I am so TIRED today! My son has been on this cycle of sleeping for a few hours, then he comes out on the couch. He usually ends up falling asleep there, and mommy ends up on the couch too. I end up tired and dozing during the day, then I can’t sleep at night. This just goes on and on and on and….you get the idea. I have fed into this too long, I just need to put him back into bed. It has just been easier to let him have it his way. I need to tell myself, I am the mommy, I am responsible for stopping this. He is just acting like the kid that he is. I am the adult here, even if I don’t want to be sometimes.

Needless to say, today was not very productive. That’s ok, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to do more. There is no shortage of things to do around the house, which I am determined to start getting to this week. I will be productive and have more energy. I will I will I will!!

To end on a happy note, I am feeling better with no soda. I notice today I don’t feel so bloated and icky. I did have a soda at the movies today, but I didn’t finish it. I also didn’t feel like a slave to the taste. It was good, but I could be ok without out. I think that is a step in the right direction. Tomorrow I am meeting with my accountability partner, which is huge for my success. This is going to be a good week!





No Motivation!

Today is a long day. I have no motivation to do anything, and I am so tired. I am watching my son run around (and bounce of the walls), and I wish I could just bottle his energy and sell it. Boy, would I be rich! I know I am not the first mom to come up with this, but if it were possible, there would be more than enough riches to go around. I even had to make myself get up and write this entry today. It is just one of those days.

To help combat my lack of motivation to move, I have decided to train for a 5K race. I have never been a runner, but have always wanted to give it a go. I would love to do a half-marathon, but I figured I better start a little smaller and work my way up. As I said yesterday, I tend to go a little crazy when trying something new. I have found a plan to help me start running slowly, and then I will add more. Once I get myself into a fitness routine, I usually stick to it. This week when I decided to make a change once and for all, I started thinking about all the different workouts I can do. I love Zumba (so does my bugboo), kickboxing, walking, step, it goes on and on. Instead of trying to everything in one day, I will pick one each day and have fun. I know this is rocket science, to lose weight you need to burn more calories then you take in. I just thinking with the 5K, I have a goal other then weight loss to work towards.

Thank you to all you read my blog, and any comments or advice is always welcome. I love all of you. I am sorry if I tend to ramble, hopefully with practice my writing will get better. I have always had a problem getting ideas from my brain onto paper. This will be good for me!



Time to move!!

Well, day four of writing. So far so good! Today Is a nice day at home with my bugboo (my little guy). We are hanging at home, maybe going swimming in the little pool out back. The one thing I want to make sure to do today is some sort of exercise. I did go walking last night, it was so nice outside. I got to see fireworks too! I have lot of options, I just need to pick one.

I realized the other day that I tend to go a little crazy when I start making changes to my lifestyle. I try to do everything at once. I decide I will work out twice a day everyday, and eat perfectly everyday. That is probably why I haven’t stuck to any changes. This time, I am trying to take a different approach. I am making small changes to the diet at a time (day 4 no soda, yeah!!) and setting a goal of 4 days a week of working out. If I feel like it, I will work out more, but I am not killing myself. I know realistic changes and goals will help me stick to my goals this time.

So, here are my goals: As I said already, workout 4 days a week 45-60 minutes

Drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day

Journal what I eat, see where my challenges are ( I am an emotional

eater, but more on that later)

There they are, in writing. I have to see this everyday, and now all of you have seen it too. Time to go to it!!


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